Our Discovery Centre provides an environment for child-directed, inquiry based learning with a focus on creativity, critical thinking and STEM skills.

We believe in hands on learning, as well as outdoor education in our garden. Eventually we hope to be fully immersed in nature taking advantage of our private conservation land and nature trails we’re in the process of developing.

Our founders were keen to create something different for their own young children, the idea grew along with our communities interest and demand for education alternatives.

Two key concepts form the basis for our centre:

  • Multiple “programs”, instead of subjects, drive the daily curriculum weaving core education, STEM, arts, music, mindfulness and nature together via peer based projects and themes with program coordinators working together to ensure a fully holistic learning atmosphere.  Although discrete subjects aren’t being taught, curriculum requirements will still be met through coverage across these programs.
  • The centre will be membership based with both full and part time options.  As we’re not a school, but a Discovery Centre, each family member joining us for daily activities will require a membership to take part - this provides flexibility for those who are keen to spend a few days with us, as well as providing a more full time solution to families looking for homeschooling options and other efforts.


We will also be offering camps and Discovery days through out the year and specials events where we open up the centre for the community to enjoy and explore.



We believe a child's growth and development should be nurtured within an exciting environment full of exploration and learning while taking a holistic responsibility via a less is more approach.

Less is More
Less structured time, more open-ended play
Less instructional hours, more planning time
Fewer students, more individual attention
Less testing, more learning
Fewer topics, more depth
Less homework, more participation
Less sitting, more time outdoors in nature

Our aim is to provide the environment, tools and skills to guide their exploration and growth through open-ended play while recognizing that all children have differing learning styles and habits that grow at a varying pace.

Learning should be both a social, as well as individual role. Teamwork and groups can be emphasized in order to ensure a non-competitive environment where students learn alongside their peers who may differ in age as well as competence, while developing social and problem solving skills.

An educators responsibility isn’t just for the student's life in their learning environment, but mindful of their family's needs and goals.



Much has been discussed about Finland’s education reform and the changes underway to improve what can already be considered one of the best education models in the world.  It has been one of the major catalysts for Peregrine Discovery with the hope of replicating the success within our own environment.

“Finland’s historic achievements in delivering educational excellence and equity to its children are the result of a national love of childhood, a profound respect for teachers as trusted professionals, and a deep understanding of how children learn best.” - William Doyle

“Finnish early childhood education emphasizes respect for each child’s individuality and the chance for each child to develop as a unique person. Finnish early educators also guide children in the development of social and interactive skills, encourage them to pay attention to other people’s needs and interests, to care about others, and to have a positive attitude toward other people, other cultures, and different environments. The purpose of gradually providing opportunities for increased independence is to enable all children to take care of themselves as “becoming adults, to be capable of making responsible decisions, to participate productively in society as an active citizen, and to take care of other people who will need his [or her] help.” - Anneli Nikko

Our team plans to continually evaluate and reach out to the global community to assess ourselves, our goals and our philosophies.



Kirsten Bodenstedt - Co-Founder
Colin Doncaster - Co-Founder
Sara Machnik - Education Program Coordinator