Fostering Creativity in Childhood

Peregrine Discovery is a hub for innovation and creativity where children come to explore, create, and learn in an enriched environment.

All children should have access to arts programs and experience the process of being creative.

The arts play a critical role in children’s emotional, social and intellectual development. We believe play and creativity promote skills our future leaders will need such as imagination, passion & critical thinking.

With over 20 years experience working in the film and animation industries our founders bring a wealth of creative experience to Discovery and understand the demand for innovation in the future workforce. Our team is rounded out by an exceptional team of OCT educators and skilled craftspeople.

We aim to inspire, whether at home with the help of our Creative Corner, or at a program hosted at our beautiful centre.


Where are we located?

Our education centre is located in a converted family home overlooking beautiful green space and surrounded by private conservation land.

Our cozy home-like environment is complete with gardens, outdoor play areas, and plenty of nature to explore.

Peregrine Discovery at Peregrine House

Unit B - 1505 Wilson Street West - Ancaster, Ontario - L0R 1R0

Latest From the Team

Gardening is Like a Friendship

Hands holding sapling in soil surface on green grass background.

Children enjoy gardening for many reasons – they like digging, they like seeing things grow, they like helping their families. But one main reason that kids rarely identify is that when they help to create a garden, they feel a connection with that space. And, in a world where people are becoming more and more […]

A Piece of the Puzzle: Belonging & Acceptance

There’s a true sense of belonging with regard to young children when they are placed into small groups, rather than large ones. The difference between a classroom that has 30+ children compared to one with only 10 children is astounding. When kids can have enough time speaking to each other, and to their teacher without […]

Make Time for Magic


Life is busy. Work, kids’ activities, cleaning, homework, paying bills…it is amazing that we stay on top of everything that needs to be done! As life is often so hectic, I cherish the times when I get to really connect with my kids. Something we have all enjoyed together in these bonding moments over the […]

From Imagination to Creation

Imagination to Creation

Do you ever read a book, or see a piece of art that just speaks to your soul? Sometimes, we view thoughts or ideas that we connect to because we find them inspirational . We constantly refer back to them throughout our days, and think about them naturally during conversations. For me, personally, it is […]

A Delicate Balance

A Delicate Balance

Alternative? Montessori? Waldorf? Unschooling? Which one is best for your child? I’m often asked what our teaching philosophies are, and where the ideology comes from. The answer is never as simple as the question. We are all used to labels, as labels have a meaningful purpose, they help us understand and categorize things quickly.  It can be […]