Recycled Bike Planter

Recycled Bike Planter

We wanted to create something for our front garden bed that would not only add height, but interest too. It also had to be cost effective and make use of recycled materials as we are all about helping the environment!  Here is our take on a “Recycled Bike Planter”.


  • An old bike (there is always someone getting rid of an unwanted, rusty bike!)
  • 2 wooden crates or other bins/baskets of your choice
  • Outdoor spray paint suitable for multiple surfaces (metal, wood)
  • 2 hanging baskets of flowers
  • Strong, wooden stakes
  • Painters tape or masking tape
  • Sandpaper/sanding blocks
  • Cardboard or newspaper to cover surfaces you are working on
  • Zip ties and twine (we got both of these items from Dollarama)
  • Damp cloth
  • Mallet


  1. Cover the surface you will be working on with newspaper or cardboard to protect it. 
  2. Sand all areas of the bike that you will be painting to remove rust and rough up the surface. Wipe with damp cloth when done to remove any dust and let fully dry. (The kids love helping with this step!)
  3. Protect any areas of the bike you do not want painted with painter’s tape and newspaper (e.g., we covered up any chrome parts on the bike we found).
  4. Spray paint the bike and crates in a well ventilated area (outside) – we chose a bright colour so our bike would stand out (you may want to leave the crates/baskets unpainted…totally up to you, but make sure you protect any wood with at least a clear coat of spray).  For safety reasons, keep the kids away for this part. You may need multiple coats of paint to ensure proper coverage – ensure you let it dry well between coats.
  5. Once the paint is fully dry, get the bike into the position you want in your garden.  Dig the wheels in a bit, and use wooden stakes to help hold the bike up along with the kickstand (if it has one).  We used 3 stakes…one through parts of each wheel, and one through the centre metal parts. Hammer the stakes in using a mallet.
  6. Attach the crates to the front and back of the bike using zip ties and twine.  Add these in numerous places to ensure the crates are sturdy.
  7. Put the hanging baskets of flowers in the crates (remove any hangers).  We added an upside-down pot at the bottom of each crate to raise the flowers up higher so they could be seen.

Enjoy your creative garden decoration!  We have had lots of positive comments about our beautiful bike.


Cost: $$
# of People: 1 Adult, Group
Difficulty Level: Medium
Travel: Not anymore 😉
Time: 4h + drying time


Involve the kids by choosing colours, or add their handprints on the baskets or bike. Redecorate the bike with every season. Add some pumpkins and fall mums in autumn, or make it Santa’s bike in the winter. Let your imagination go wild and have some fun.