LEGO travel box

Have kids crazy about LEGO yet the thought of travelling with Lego gives you nightmares? Here is a simple craft to help your LEGO enthusiast stay organized. Perfect for on the go, including car and airplane travel! Size of box depends on your travel needs (e.g. size of kids backpack or suitcase)


  • Crafting box
  • Lego Plate (LEGO Brand recommended)
  • Industrial Strength Adhesive
  • Cutting tools
  • Ruler
  • Pencil


  1. Measure the lid of your Box and mark your LEGO plate using a pencil
  2. Cut your LEGO plate according to your measurements
  3. Glue LEGO plate onto the top lid of your box and let dry


Buy a crafting box that has some removable walls, so you can store bigger builds by removing one wall making it bigger.
We recommend the real Lego brand, as nothing slides off when you lift the lid to pick out the next pieces.


Cost: $$
# of People: 1 adult
Difficulty: Simple
Travel: Yes
Time: 5 minutes + drying time

Article by Kirsten

Kirsten is a Co-founder of Peregrine and the Creative Director for Discovery. For the past 20 years she has been working in film and animation around the world, 10 years ago her and her husband opened their own creative studio to support the lifestyle they wanted as a growing family. Kirsten has always been a very creative person and believes every child is born with an immense capacity for imagination and creativity. Her hope is to build an environment in which these traits can be nurtured and thrive, while providing foundational skills needed for the 21st century.