Autumn Sensory Bin

Don’t have a sensory bin? We use a plastic storage container that is meant for underbid storage, they are inexpensive and come with a lid! Place on the floor or table for kids to access. Whether you change the contents of the bin weekly, or seasonally, the kids love it! 


  • underbed storage plastic container with lid
  • bags of corn
  • shovel or scoops and small rake
  • measuring spoons
  • trucks
  • funnels
  • small clay pots
  • pumpkin and acorn pieces (from the dollar store)


  1. Purchase your underbid storage container from a local store
  2. Clean the container
  3. Empty  corn kernels into the bin, we purchased smaller bags of corn that were on sale and used about 5 of them.


Ask your kids which toys they would like to play with in the sensory bin. Sometimes ours is water themed filled with ocean life, sometimes we have more of a zoo setup with animals and tractors. They can choose which they would like, and get creative with it! 


Cost: $
# of People: 1 Adult, Individual or Group
Difficulty Level: Simple
Travel: No
Time: 5min setup


Article by Sara

Sara has been working with children for over 15 years holding a Bachelor of Arts (with Honours) in Child and Youth studies and is an Ontario Certified Teacher, she is passionate about education and excited to be a part of its evolution.