Nature Inspired Christmas Cards


If your kids loved making our Fall Leaf Art, they are going to love these Nature Christmas Cards! What a wonderful way of cutting down on all the plastic around this time of year! These cards are very environmental friendly, and decorative too! MATERIALS Pressed leaves Evergreens Berries (optional) Card stock or paper Christmas shape […]

Beeswax Food Wrap


Kids are more environmentally aware than most adults. This is a wonderful way to replace those single use plastics at home. It’s surprising how easy it is to make them yourself and they make wonderful gifts especially with the kids personalized art work. We found it is also a perfect Earth Day activity for the […]

Autumn Leaf Art


Our kids love collecting colourful leaves every fall. Once pressed they make wonderful art collages. You can use sticks, seeds or other autumn treasures to add to their art. MATERIALS Paper towel (optional) Heavy books Leaves Card-stock or paper Googly eyes Glue STEPS Start by collect leaves. Choose leaves that are relatively flat, not curled, […]

Autumn Apple STEM


Challenge your kids to be creative with apples designing structures at at the same time as eating a healthy snack. MATERIALS Apples A Knife A Cutting Board Woden Toothpicks STEPS Slice or chop your apples into irregular shapes and thickness.’ Depending on age of child, you can either ask them to construct something simple like […]

Autumn Apple Boats


Have fun with a bag of apples creating STEM boats that float, kids can get creative decorating the sails of their ships! MATERIALS An Apple A knife A Cutting board Wooden toothpicks Coloured foam pieces Scissors A bucket or bowl Water STEPS Cut your desired apple into quarters. Stick a toothpick in the centre of […]

Autumn Apple Chips


Who doesn’t like a tasty treat after you have been creative with your apples? This is a quick and simple method for making an autumn treat. Enjoy! MATERIALS Apples A Knife A Cutting Board Cinnamon Nutmeg Brown Sugar Bowl Spoon A Baking sheet STEPS Preheat your oven to 225 degrees F Mix together 1 tsp […]

Autumn Apple Art


Using this simple apple and paint activity, you can work on patterning with colours. You can also fold your paper in half and work on symmetry, trying to make each side the exact same.  MATERIALS An Apple A Knife A Cutting board Paint Paint Brushes Paper STEPS Cut your apple in half. Using a fall […]

LEGO travel box


Have kids crazy about LEGO yet the thought of travelling with Lego gives you nightmares? Here is a simple craft to help your LEGO enthusiast stay organized. Perfect for on the go, including car and airplane travel! Size of box depends on your travel needs (e.g. size of kids backpack or suitcase) Materials: Crafting box Lego Plate […]

Recycled Bike Planter


We wanted to create something for our front garden bed that would not only add height, but interest too. It also had to be cost effective and make use of recycled materials as we are all about helping the environment!  Here is our take on a “Recycled Bike Planter”. Supplies: An old bike (there is […]