Autumn Sensory Bin


Don’t have a sensory bin? We use a plastic storage container that is meant for underbid storage, they are inexpensive and come with a lid! Place on the floor or table for kids to access. Whether you change the contents of the bin weekly, or seasonally, the kids love it!  MATERIALS underbed storage plastic container […]

Recycled Bird Feeders


Create bird feeders with the kids using everyday recycled materials in your blue bins! Reuse a pop bottle, an empty can, an egg carton or toilet paper rolls! Supplies: Clean, empty 2L plastic bottles X-Acto Knife Duct Tape Crisco Bird Seed Screw or Nail to poke holes String Scissors Steps: Carefully cut an empty pop […]

Dragon Eggs


You can start by reading a fairytale or a book about dragons. We talked about fire breathing dragons and then began creating our dragon eggs, followed by creating our dragons craft with paper rolls! This craft pairs perfectly with the “fire breathing dragon” as shown in photo. Materials: Moulding Clay Gems Glitter Googly eyes Steps: […]

Fire Breathing Dragon


A perfect craft to complete after you have created your dragon eggs, a fire- breathing dragon that kids can breathe through. This can also be used as a great breathing exercise, having to inhale for 5 seconds and exhale for 5 seconds to create more fire! Supplies: Toilet paper roll Coloured construction paper Pom poms […]

Whimsical Garden Mushrooms


We made colourful, wood mushrooms to place in our garden! It’s a great project for a rainy summer day, and they create a magical feel to your garden. We places ours around the flower garden and near our fairy garden. Supplies: Wooden bowels in a variety of shapes and sizes Logs Acrylic paint Paint brushes […]

Pool Noodle Sprinkler


This is a simple $2 DIY kids sprinkler made out of a pool noodle. It’s better than any of the ones we have purchased, and took less than 5 minutes to make. Perfect summer fun on hot days for kids of all ages! Supplies 1 pool noodle ($1.00 from Walmart) 1 sponge (Pack of 6 for $1.00) […]

A Piece of the Puzzle: Belonging & Acceptance

There’s a true sense of belonging with regard to young children when they are placed into small groups, rather than large ones. The difference between a classroom that has 30+ children compared to one with only 10 children is astounding. When kids can have enough time speaking to each other, and to their teacher without […]

From Imagination to Creation

Imagination to Creation

Do you ever read a book, or see a piece of art that just speaks to your soul? Sometimes, we view thoughts or ideas that we connect to because we find them inspirational . We constantly refer back to them throughout our days, and think about them naturally during conversations. For me, personally, it is […]

A Delicate Balance

A Delicate Balance

Alternative? Montessori? Waldorf? Unschooling? Which one is best for your child? I’m often asked what our teaching philosophies are, and where the ideology comes from. The answer is never as simple as the question. We are all used to labels, as labels have a meaningful purpose, they help us understand and categorize things quickly.  It can be […]

The Season of Giving…and Receiving

This year, Peregrine Discovery took part in a charity program to sponsor local families for the Christmas season. Our initial goal was to help cover the needs of two families which meant shopping, purchasing gifts from a wish list (to ensure they get what they needed) and wrapping them. Following the announcement, donations came pouring […]