What do we offer?

To ensure we are providing the most enjoyable experience possible we are limiting the number of initial sessions - please check back often to avoid missing any new exciting options.

Unless otherwise noted our sessions are intended for attendees aged 5-8.

PA Days

We provide theme-based PA days where children are able to engage in hands-on activities related to the days’ topic.

PA days also include outdoor time, and the opportunity to explore and use materials in the different areas at Peregrine Discovery.

Attendees are always excited to share the items they create with their families at the end of the day!



Number of attendees: 6
Duration: 1 day
Hours: 9am - 3pm
Extended Hours: 3pm - 5pm

Cost: $50, $15 for extended hours.


Our camps provide an exciting opportunity for high quality programs that involve the exploration and learning we pride ourselves on.

Through a variety of high-interest topics and activities, children are happy and engaged whether creating art in our art room, relaxing in our reading room, or enjoying time interacting with nature in our outside space.

As with all of our programs at Peregrine Discovery, we keep children to supervisor ratios low to ensure all children get the attention they deserve.

Camps will be offered over the Winter holidays, during March Break (extended a second week for Montessori families), and during the summer.

Keep an eye on our schedule for upcoming details about these fun-filled weeks.


Number of attendees: 6
Duration: Varies
Hours: 9am - 4pm
Extended Hours: 4pm - 5pm

Cost: $50 per day, $10 per day for extended hours.

Special Events

Peregrine Discovery offers a variety of special events throughout the year, helping to make our centre a place where the community comes together.

These range from special activity days for children, to events for families, to group meet ups to discuss topics of interest.

Some special events will be offered free of charge, and some will have a fee, but all will require you to register in order to attend.