Autumn Apple STEM


Challenge your kids to be creative with apples designing structures at at the same time as eating a healthy snack. MATERIALS Apples A Knife A Cutting Board Woden Toothpicks STEPS Slice or chop your apples into irregular shapes and thickness.’ Depending on age of child, you can either ask them to construct something simple like […]

Autumn Apple Boats


Have fun with a bag of apples creating STEM boats that float, kids can get creative decorating the sails of their ships! MATERIALS An Apple A knife A Cutting board Wooden toothpicks Coloured foam pieces Scissors A bucket or bowl Water STEPS Cut your desired apple into quarters. Stick a toothpick in the centre of […]

September Milestones

September milestones

As September roles around it’s a time of many milestones, our little ones are moving forward in their world as we start to think about saying goodbye to summer and herald in the cooler autumn weather.   It has been an extremely busy season for us at Discovery, final touches on the interior and wrapping […]